Tuesday, 28 August 2012

You say goodbye...

Wow, who'd have thought I'd get writer's block over the final entry on this blog? I certainly didn't, I thought it would be the easiest thing in the world to write, but believe it or not I've been putting this post off for weeks now, and now that I'm actually writing it, it's only after four or five drafts and abandoned attempts!

Throughout my time writing on here I always imagined what writing the final entry would be like, when exactly it would be, whether anyone would still be reading my ramblings, etc (answers: surprisingly sentimental, a year later than originally planned and apparently yes!). One thing I definitely did know however was that I'd only stop updating this blog once I got into medical school...I knew that if and when this happened, I'd no longer be a biomedical sciences student (obviously) and that I'd no longer be grumpy. Well, no longer grumpy about my course anyway. So in a way, this entry is all that I've been aiming for and looking forward to for many years now. And as I now look back, I think this blog has been extremely helpful in allowing me to destress over the past few years. All throughout the bad times (end of second year), good times (third year) and unexpected times (leaving my masters), it's been a space where I can let it all out, both the positive and the negative and it has definitely helped me to unwind, which has been really great and just what I needed at times. I've also received some really sound advice and kind words over the years which is also something else I'm very grateful for!

I moved to Warwickshire 10 days ago and about a week ago I went back down to London for the day to visit some friends from undergrad. We were due to meet in the evening, but I arrived a few hours earlier because I needed to do something I'd been avoiding for a while: I needed to go round each of the campuses I'd lived and studied in over the past four years and have a final reminisce and look around. QMUL and Barts and The London, like most universities in London, have several campuses (in Mile End, Whitechapel and West Smithfield), but what makes QMUL/BL unique is that all of the facilities for each campus are hosted on-site. That means the library, halls, classes etc on each campus are all self-contained and not spread throughout the city. This was definitely one of the things I liked most about QMUL/BL...it was very easy to feel at home on each campus. And since I lived in halls throughout my time at both institutes, it really did feel like home and each campus and locality holds a lot of memories for me. It felt really good to wander around one last time and relive those memories before heading off to somewhere totally different. Warwick will be where I spend the next four years of my life, doing my dream course, which is something I'm very excited about but I'll always remember the good times I had at QMUL/BL too.

So if you're interested in following my journey through med school, please follow me HERE (and if I'm on your blogroll I'd be very grateful if you updated it to include this new page as this blog won't be updated any longer).

Grumpy Biomed (over and out!)


  1. Ah man, I enjoyed reading this blog. Here's to hoping the other will be as good as this one.

  2. This has been a fantastic blog, looking forward to reading all about your new adventures on your new one :)

  3. Glad to see you go (in a nice way) :P

    Hope to unknowingly see you in a hospital one day!

  4. No Longer a Fresher but a 2nd Year Biomed at QM7 October 2012 at 21:04

    Hey there :)

    I found your blog very enjoyable to read and I am so happy that you are now able to study your dream degree! I found it very motivating and will now be following your new blog. I can't quite remember how I initially stumbled upon your blog but I am glad that I did. :)

    Good luck at Warwick! :D

  5. congratulations! its only the start of my blog unfortunately :( I hope one day I will have a victory post like this! well done and good luck :)