Monday, 19 March 2012

To Warwick

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Short version: I'm amazingly happy, it's slowly beginning to sink in that come September I'm going to be a medical student at Warwick!

Long version: It would be pretty fair to say that in the weeks between having my interviews and getting my Warwick offer, I felt progressively more and more disillusioned about the whole UCAS process. My bemusement continued when I (with justification) got rejected from the Barts and The London A100 course after that awful interview. I say with justification, but that didn't make the rejection any nicer to deal with, so for nearly three days I was in the most depressed, mopey, anxious mood I've ever been in, even worse than during the darkest days of my biomed degree. The irony of the matter is that I shouldn't have been depressed over this rejection at all. This is because a few days ago Barts and The London emailed me to say that whilst I haven't been successful for their GEP, as a consolation they'd like to make me an offer for...their A100 degree! My precise reaction to this..?

Because quite frankly, it meant that I put myself through three days of pure hell for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Admittedly, my anxiety isn't BL's "fault", but all the same I do wish they could have made up their mind properly instead of jerking me around for a week. Ah well. So with that, UCAS 2012 is over for me, and I finish with two offers: Warwick GEP and BL A100 and two rejections: Southampton GEP and BL GEP. A brilliant result, and what I'd been hoping for since October.

The decision as to where I'm headed next September is therefore very easy to make. Because of the fact that GEPs are shorter and come with tuition fee loans and A100 degrees don't, I'm off to Warwick.

I think a large part of me will be very sad to leave BL, QMUL and the East End. I came here when I was 18 and I lived in QMUL halls for all four years so I feel a pretty deep attachment to the university and the campus. I had a lot of unique life experiences, experiences I'll never forget here, made many good friends both amongst students and staff, and for that BL and QMUL will always retain a special place in my heart. Whilst I have got into BL and can choose to stay on here, the fact that fees are now £9K a year instead of £3K makes it a largely worthless offer, especially without a tuition fees loan, since I just don't have that kind of money lying around. So it's time to close the QMUL/BL chapter in my life and start the Warwick chapter.

And I'm very much looking forward to Warwick. At the moment it seems new and unfamiliar, a bit like when you leave a primary school you feel safe and warm in and go to a massive, mysterious secondary school. But very soon you settle into it and have a good time. I'm sure Warwick will be exactly the same. The interview was lovely, the staff and current students were incredibly friendly and the medical school looked really nice, and I did say last month that I could definitely see myself there. So whilst I feel sad that my time at QMUL came to an end last year and my time at BL will come to an end shortly, I feel very happy because where I'm headed next seems just as nice. Roll on September 3rd!


  1. Aww, i was looking forward to hearing your take on life as a medical student at Barts, but with the increase in fees im not surprised you went with the more economical option.. plus you get there quicker with a GEP course!

    Well done again grumpy! All the work has been worth it!

  2. Very exciting times ahead grumpy! I hope I'll get there eventually too! :)

  3. Wow! That is a big congratulations, eh. God bless to your new journey ahead in Warwick.

    Take care,
    Peny@medical uniforms scrubs

  4. Congrats again! Keep us updated about life at Warwick ;)

  5. Any explanation of how they managed to reject you and then decide that you made the cut after all?

  6. Congratulations, all your hard work has finally paid off! You must be really happy! :D

  7. Congrats :) Best of luck with Warwick. Currently a 1st year biomed student fearing exams!

  8. What a confusing Barts and London way of dealing with things... Oh well, perhaps its best to move away from them - and you will get to experience a whole new Uni which should be great.

    Really glad you have made it - been following you for years and seeing you get there makes me really happy.

    One problem, though, if you want to keep blogging you will have to change the name of your blog. Soon you will no longer be a bio-med, and you don't sound too grumpy any more :)

  9. Cheers guys, with just under five months to go I'm already excited beyond belief!

    @IO: Already been thought of ;D Thanks for the comment mate, you, ILHC and Tofu have been on this blog from the start...your comments have definitely made the "journey" a lot more pleasant!

  10. Congratulations! I'm a first year Biomed student at Warwick and whilst I, predictably, hate my course
    I do love the campus and the people here. I'm sure you'll fit in wonderfully and enjoy our swanky med campus; good luck with everything!

    Have you sorted out where you're living yet?