Sunday, 1 January 2012


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How times change. When I compare New Year's Eve of 2010/11 to New Year's Eve of 2011/12, it really shows just how different life is now...or in some cases how much it's stayed the same.

Then: Quietly getting drunker and drunker on the champagne my aunt's husband had brought for the family gathering at my parent's house.
Now: Revising feverishly all evening in preparation for first set of exams, 20 minute break at 23:50, back up at 00:10 after watching the fireworks on TV.

Then: Anxious third year still recovering from awful set of second year exam results, trying not to think about finals.
Now: Stressed postgrad recovering from harrowing first term which was twice as much work as the whole of third year, trying not think about impending exams starting on Jan 3rd.

Then: Feeling hopeless about chances of getting into medicine.
Now: Feeling slightly less hopeless about chances of getting into medicine.

From reading that, you might assume that I'm not particularly happy...but that's not true at all, it's just the exam stress speaking. So let me explain. 2011 was without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, year of my life. It finally felt (and I'm fairly certain that I'm beginning to overuse this expression) like everything had finally fallen into place. I finally sorted out my grades, got my degree, got a good score for my UKCAT, started my pathology MSc and to top it all off, got some interviews for medical school. The latter was without a doubt the most amazing thing to have happened this year, as it has been something I've been aiming at for four years now...simply to have the chance to prove, face to face, just how much I want to do medicine. So that was definitely the cherry on top of the 2011 cake.

Like I mentioned, I am definitely tired and stressed. I've had two and a half weeks of holidays to revise for four postgraduate exams. Having never sat exams at this level before, I have no idea what it will be like and on what basis you get good or bad marks. But simply knowing that these exams will not affect my chances of being able to study medicine makes coping with the stress just that little bit easier because I know that should the worse happen, my ultimate ambition will not be endangered. But because I am also a workaholic type, I really have been trying my best to revise effectively so I can pass these exams. So here's hoping that they're not too awful!

Aside from anything else, 2012 is a year of massive potential for me. It has the potential to be the most amazing year ever. I could finish it a medical student with a MSc. Alternatively I could mess up my interviews, not get in and have to go through all of this again. I suppose only time will tell. It's literally only ten weeks from now really, and then everything will be clear, one way or another. And from this side of 2012 it seems a lot closer.

Last year I got my wish of finishing my BSc with a 2:1...this year I only have one get a med school offer to go with it.

Happy new year to you all, hope it's an amazing one for each and every one of you.


  1. Happy New Year :) I really hope it's a great one for you x

  2. Happy New Year Grumpy!! I hope we both end this year as med students :)

  3. Congrats on the interviews. Fingers crossed dude. I hope you get it!

    1. Cheers mate.

      Your blog won't allow me to leave comments (think you've got some sort of formatting error), so I just wanted to say sorry about your A101 rejection and best of luck with the A100 application. As a wise person once told me, it's not over til the admissions lady sings. Stay positive and all that.

  4. Hi. Near the end of your Biomed degree, did you apply for the Barts GEP?

    1. Cheers guys!

      Kiron: No I didn't. I finished my BSc in Summer 2011 and applied for medicine in October for 2012 entry.