Friday, 9 December 2011


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After the unpleasant nerve wracking experiences of the past few weeks, I'd been feeling pretty desperate for contact from the medical schools, any contact, even a curt email telling me to stop calling them several times a week asking when they're sending out interview invitations...but Warwick went one better today and emailed me an invitation to their Selection Centre in February for interview!

I'm still feeling slightly speechless from it all, but at the same time ecstatically happy because I was worried I wouldn't get any interviews before Christmas meaning that I'd be stressing all through the holidays when I'm supposed to be revising for exams...luckily now I can breathe a little easier knowing that I have at least one...and it's two months away giving me plenty of time to prepare for it.

I'm telling you, if getting an offer for medical school feels half as good as getting an interview, I can't wait to experience it...the true definition of a natural high! The past few days have been pretty tough, I had two essays and a presentation to hand in yesterday, and I'd had very little sleep...but this has made it all better!


  1. Yay!!! :)
    Congrats on your interview- you deserve it. When is it? Fingers crossed for you- keep us posted.

  2. OMG! :) I'm so happy for youu :) seems like it is not going that bad for either of us! I totally understand what you mean about revision, now that I know I have one interview I can revise without worrying about UCAS :) Concentrate on exams for now, as you have ages until you interview! Best of luck :)

  3. Congrats mate :)

  4. What did I tell ya, buddy? I said it was going to be a "when" and not an "if". Well done, mate. You now have nearly a 50:50 chance of getting an offer from Warwick!

  5. Yay! i'm so happy for you grumpy!!! All the waiting has turned into an interview =) The Warwick interview was really weird.. but none the less, really fun and pleasant! Can't wait to read about your experience of it! Good luck grumpy!

  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone, you guys are the best!

    @Sophie: It's on the afternoon of Feb 15th :)

  7. Congrats :D

    Now to start doing research on Warwick's int.process and questions!

    Here's a link that might help

    I know they're not great links but i wanted to help as much as i could. Good luck

  8. @Kiron

    Thank you so much, those are brilliant links with which to start my preparation, thanks for taking the time to find and post them :)