Monday, 17 October 2011


Currently listening to: Don't Look Away - Joshua Radin

Like I said a few weeks ago, lately it feels like life is moving at a really fast pace. In the three days since I've applied I've figured out my Track details and received acknowledgements from Barts and The London for my applications to their A100 and A101 programmes. Very quick! The downside to knowing my Track details is that I'm checking the damn thing twice an hour...even though I know there is ZERO chance of receiving an offer, or even a rejection, at this early stage. In the space of about 24 hours I've become a full fledged Track addict, and things haven't been helped by the initial high of receiving those acknowledgements either!

Whilst on my way to Whitechapel Library earlier, I walked past the Garrod Building (the administrative hub of Barts and The London SMD) felt so weird knowing that inside that building which I've walked past several times a week for over three years now and had classes in, someone could potentially be looking through my application and deciding my future. So, so, so weird.

Anyway, this is what my Track screen looks like...I'm just hoping I see one "unconditional" there by September 2012, please!


  1. Eeeks! Very exiting times! I remember doing the exact same thing, checking the status update almost every other hour!! Good luck grumps!!

  2. Indeed! And just got a Warwick acknowledgement this morning too! Ahhh, scary, yet exciting times ahead!

  3. Come on Grumpy!!! Best luck - really hope you get an offer!

  4. Hey,
    I'm currently in the exact same position as you!
    Good luck!

  5. @3TL: thanks for the comment! It's not a great position to be in, is it? :P

    @IO: Cheers mate, hope all's well in Tanzania.

  6. Heylo, right there with you waiting on Barts. Just had my interview at UEA and got one in March for Leicester. Safe to say about an hour after I left the interview area I brutally dissected every stupid thing I said and am now trying to resist the nagging replays of my bumbling ripostes complete with running commentary on what I should have said - hopefully the interviewers glossed over it too.

    Best of luck! Do keep us updated.

    1. Hello Rose

      Don't think I've ever seen you comment here before, so welcome. Well done on your interviews, (especially Leicester - they must have liked your work experience and PS). Try not to worry about it, but I'm being a massive hypocrite here as no doubt I will feel exactly the same as you after the Warwick Selection Centre next month...ahh the things we put ourselves through eh?

      P.S. Nice picture, Scrubs is amazing.