Friday, 26 August 2011

UKCAT Results

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Just got back from my UKCAT. Anyone who's familiar with med school in the UK will know that this exam is yet another hoop the universities make you jump through, and one which I was quite anxious about. I last sat this exam in 2007 when I got 625 (later increased to 640 due to exclusion of one of the sections). Four years on and a degree later, here's how things look:

Verbal Reasoning: 550
Quantitative Reasoning: 720
Abstract Reasoning 670
Decision Analysis: 850

Total: 2790 - Average: 697.5

I'm very happy with this score, considering the average is supposed to be 600. I'm a tiny bit miffed that I didn't breach the 700 barrier (generally held to be an outstanding score), but I was very close. Something curious however is the decrease - by over 200 points - in my verbal reasoning score, which in 2007 was 760. Either I've become progressively less articulate and literate as I've gotten older, (unlikely seeing as I keep up a blog and was a student journalist) or the UKCAT is really just a totally arbitrary and pointless measure of "ability". I'm leaning towards the latter, but at the end of the day I've got a good score and I'm very happy with it, the rest is irrelevant...bit hard to be grumpy today!

My DA score is frankly quite unexpected, I'd been doing well in the mocks but certainly not that well. Unlike the revision books QR was a very, very pleasant surprise, there weren't pages and pages of text to decipher before you could even attempt the question. Some of the questions were as simple as locating a value in a table. Pure bliss and relief. AR was also very nice, considering I only got the hang of how to do this section last week, up until then I'd been scoring in the 500s, which shows that with practice you can definitely improve your score in anything.

I'm really shattered now, but I'll make the inevitable "where shall I apply with my score?" post some time in the next few days. Thanks for the good luck comments/messages of reassurance in the previous post!


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Amazing result Grumpy!!
    Things are looking good =)

  3. Awesome results :D I have mine the 30th of September!


  4. Not bad. Remember the UKCAT is scored on a "curve" based on how well everyone else did, not too sure how that works if they give you your score immediately!

    I can reassure you that it is totally arbitrary - I got 750 for verbal (2 years ago) and I guessed the last 15 questions - too slow!

  5. Congrats mate.
    Are you applying to Barts, you know you love the place. :)

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm relieved more than anything!

    @areyousure?: Best of luck with yours, let me know how you do!

    @Anonymous#3: Yep, that's the plan!

  7. Well done!!! And yes, it's totally arbitrary. My friend didn't get an interview at Sheffield because her UKCAT was too low - she's now doing medicine at Cambridge...

  8. Great results! Nice work - Hopefully a good start to a very successful application! Best of luck :)

  9. Cheers guys, I really do hope this score will land me at least one interview!

  10. Amazing results! Any advice on how to prepare efficiently for UKCAT?