Friday, 17 June 2011

When is a 2:2 not a 2:2?

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As detailed in my previous post, our marks were accidentally leaked online on Sunday night, and very quickly taken down on Monday morning. So I already knew my marks at the time of making my last post, though in the interests of confidentiality, I decided not to post them til today's SBCS examination board meeting had been concluded. The marks I received on MySIS on Sunday were as follows:

Cancer Biology - 80 - A
Project Skills in the Life Sciences - 76 - AA (double credit module)
Cellular Pathology & Haematology - 64 - B
Human Genetics & Genomics - 61 - B
Endocrine Physiology - 56 - C
PBL - 55 - C
Molecular Microbiology - 52 - C

AAABBCCC = Which gave me an overall degree mark of 59.5375%...a 2:2.

Very surprised about that Cancer Biology mark as I thought the exam was quite average, and also quite surprised about the Endocrine Physiology mark as I'd felt that the exam had gone very well. Clearly not!

It is impossible for me to describe how stressed and anxious I have been since Sunday night, wondering whether or not that mark would be rounded up to 60 to give me a 2:1. As I wrote in my previous post "I'll be absolutely and utterly gutted if I miss out on a 2:1 by say, 1.5%" it happens I was looking at losing out on a 2:1 by less than half a percentage point! On Sunday night I was reasonably confident that it would be rounded up, though as the days went by, I felt more and more pessimistic, to the point where this afternoon I was confident I would be picking up a degree valued at 59.5%.

Fortunately however, when I went in today to pick up my results, my adviser said with a huge smile on her face that I did indeed get a 2:1, and not a 2:2 as I'd feared. My precise reaction to this was "YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY". No exaggeration. Just to make sure I also checked my classification on the noticeboard in the SBCS building foyer, and there beside my student number was "2:1". Written proof. And I'm still on a high, because this means that the past three years have been worth it. Every boring lecture, every tricky assignment, every attended-with-a-killer-hangover-from-hell practical session has lead up to, and helped me achieve this classification which means that I can now apply for medicine. I'm finally where I want to be.

My adviser wasn't able to tell me my module scores or overall percentage, just my classification. The figures I'm using above are those which I saw on Sunday night on MySIS...which were provisional, not official. We receive our written transcript in July. But to be honest, I don't really care. I've made it. Made it, made it, made it. It still hasn't quite sunk in that with my 2:1 I fulfill the academic entry requirements for medical school. It's not just a prediction, a hope, aspiration or dream. It's a real mark, and one which I am very, very happy with. My adviser confirmed that it won't change.

So...what's next? UKCAT at some point during the summer (already ordered the 600 practice questions book :D), more voluntary work, a decent personal statement...and finally I'll be able to send off my UCAS application. I have to remember that the real journey has just begun. Even with a 2:1 there are no guarantees, and the competition will be fierce. But I would never be truly happy doing anything other than medicine, so I have to give it my best shot. One of the hurdles was successfully negotiated today.

Over the next few months I will be blogging about my experiences with the application process, and my masters degree (as yet TBC). Thanks to all of you who've commented over the months and years with your various kind messages, believe it or not, at times they have been very comforting when I've been surrounded by stacks of coursework, deadlines and distinctly average marks. My particular thanks to "Joey", if he's still reading this blog...your advice was instrumental in persuading me to pick Project Skills (I don't think I would have got AA for the Research Project!).

Grumpy Biomed BSc (because I can) ;)


  1. congrats dude, im so happy for you :D

  2. Congrats man, all the hard work finally paid off.
    All the best for the future, keep us updated :D

  3. Woohoo!!! :) Very pleased for you- congratulations!

  4. Congrats grumpy!! Amazing turn of fate and now on to medical school applications... the "where should i apply" post is inevitable!

    Good luck with the whole thing, i can't wait to read your journey!

  5. Massive congratulations!! Well done! And all the best with your medicine application :) xxx

  6. Dr Faye, Tofu, and the three Anonymous users: Thank you!!! Still can't quite believe that I pulled it off! And Tofu, you're right, there will be many posts like that in the next couple of weeks, but I feel like I've deserved it :P

  7. don't forget to consider barts!

  8. @Tofu: It's my first choice, that's something I've been clear about since first year :D

  9. Congrats on the 2:1! It's a very scary process, isn't it? Looking forward to hearing about your med application. Best of luck!

  10. Thanks TGM, indeed it is scary but I've waited long enough :D I've added your blog to the list on the right :)

  11. I am so happy for you, really glad it worked out. Have a fantastic summer, and welcome to the new level of stress that is being a medical school applicant :)

  12. @Bean:

    Thank you so much :) Yep, I guess the real journey begins now!