Sunday, 12 June 2011


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Is it pointless to speculate about my results? My brain, friends, and parents certainly think so. After all, the exams are done and dusted and the papers are probably now being given a final once over by SBCS in preparation for results day on Friday. I know that I've tried my best, completed my courseworks and dissertation faithfully, and tried my best to sort out the stress problem I had last year with regards to exams (with better organisation, a good sleeping pattern, earlier revision, etc). I know all of this, yet I can't stop thinking about the results all the same. It's so stupid when your own brain won't listen to the logic of which it is fully aware. Speculation is pointless, but I can't stop doing it. Even Coldplay's new song (above) can't distract me.

The main worry is and has always been "will I do well enough to get into medicine" i.e. can I get a 2:1. My current average is a fairly low 2:2, so I'd need 65% this year to get a 2:1 overall. It's a tall order for anyone, so in short I'm not overly hopeful. I can't accurately judge my performance this exam season, because I, (like most students), have no idea how the essays are graded and on what specific criteria. It's not like a MCQ where it's either right or wrong, it is in fact up to the examiner's personal judgement of whether or not you've written in a way to merit a particular grade. So I worry about whether I've included enough details, whether I've waffled too much or just plain not answered the question, any of which would lead to a mediocre mark. And I really can't afford that. I know that the Examination Board can use a certain amount of discretion when classifying degrees, i.e. it can bump 58s or above to a 60, but I don't think that's something to bank on, and the regulations specifically state that "...discretion shall not be used as an automatic response, as this would in effect lower QMUL’s requirements for award, including lowering the classification boundaries.". Which is fair enough really, but I'll be absolutely and utterly gutted if I miss out on a 2:1 by say, 1.5%.

I know that it's possible to get into medicine with a 2:2 as the lovely Bean has proven, but I'd like to avoid the GAMSAT if possible. Yes, if I had no other choice, of course I'd do it, but the UKCAT definitely seems much simpler and would allow me to apply to a wide range of courses rather than just the three medical schools which accept 2:2s. Of course if any medical school gave me an offer, I'd be over the moon, but at the end of the day I'm allowed to have my own preferences too...and I'd always liked the idea of going to medical school in London.

So I guess the dream of studying medicine wouldn't be over with a 2:2, but it would make it even more of an uphill struggle. And I'm kind of tired of that, for once I'd just like to be able to apply with the right entry requirements like everyone else.

But reality is reality, so I've been looking through Griffith's GAMSAT review and the GAMSAT past papers (found them online - £78 saved!). The exam has a writing section, a verbal reasoning section and a scientific reasoning section (which contains the dreaded chemistry A level content, which I got a C for, with difficulty, years go). So I don't think the GAMSAT would be a complete disaster if I can brush up on my chemistry...but all the same, it's a route that I'd like to avoid if possible.

So the tl;dr version of this entry is basically: I think I've got a 2:2, I'm mentally preparing myself to start GAMSAT revision later this Summer, and, er, that's it. There will probably possibly be more angsty posts up until Friday.


  1. Good Luck for Friday, I'm sure you'll get a 2i. Judging earlier posts it seems you worked really hard. :)
    I'm also waiting for results on Friday, 1st yr btw. I'm bricking it so much.

  2. Dear Anonymous

    Thank you, let's hope you're right. Best of luck for your results, but I thought first years got them on Thursday?

  3. Yh sorry got the dates mixed up. :p

  4. Friday it is for the both of us!

    Good luck Grumpy, i've been following your blog for so long now, i'm sure all your hard work will pay off! Don't stress yourself out thinking too much, just enjoy the week! X

  5. Cheers Tofu, I'm sure you'll do great on Friday :)

  6. Did you not manage to get a sneak peak at your results on MySIS?

  7. I've stalked this blog a couple of times but never really commented.

    I think you'll pull through this one! Just think of all the effort you put into this.

    And I'm also scared of getting a 2:2...but life's no fun if it's easy, is it? ;)

    All the best

    R x

  8. Don't you guys get a viva if you're borderline which may or may not bump you up a class?

  9. Dear Rawr:

    Thank you for that comment. I don't think it's possible for me to describe just how much I want to do I said I would be absolutely crushed if I miss out on a 2:1 by 1% or something. But I have to be realistic and accept that I have two years of very, very average grades to make up for. Cheers for the post, feel free to comment again anytime you like :) Good luck for your results too!

    @Anonymous #3: I think we do, my adviser said that borderline students "often" have sometimes is the answer I guess. I have no idea what it would involve however, and I'm not sure I want to find out!