Monday, 30 May 2011

Why do I write?

People have asked me before "why do you blog?". To be honest, as selfish as it sounds, I write for myself. I realise that after a while it can get pretty tiring reading some guy's endless angst/grumpiness/fear surrounding his degree, his grades and ultimately whether he'll ever get into medical school, but I suppose I need to get this stuff off my chest...and the interweb is the best place to do this. So I write to vent, and not because what I write is particularly fascinating. It stops me driving the people around me insane, though having said that I visited my parents yesterday and I don't think it would be too much of an exaggeration to say that 90% of the conversation was me saying "if I don't get a 2:1 I'll be REALLY REALLY pissed off", over and over again. During this time of year, i.e. after exams, but before results, I become pretty intolerable and just keep thinking about results least nowadays my parents and friends only have to put up with three weeks of it, unlike during A levels when we had to wait til the end of August for results!

So in advance I apologise, over the next few weeks this blog will be filled with nervousness, anticipation, and pretty boring stress. And when the inevitable result finally comes through (trust me, it's coming like a freight train)...well...I don't think it's possible for me to describe just how much I want to do well this year but I have to make up for two years of mediocre grades, and that is a tall order for anyone...


  1. trust me when i say this. ignorance is bliss. make the most out of the time inbetween your end of year exams and the results. if you still cant relax, some alcohol may help :P

  2. so i have an exam tomorrow, well in a few hours... for pharmacology but here i am reading your blog like the PRO-crastinator i am! but it really is awesome and i honestly hope you've done well in your exams and you get into medicine!!

  3. @Anonymous #1: Indeed alcohol does help, but sadly I can't afford to go out every single night, even if it does take my mind off results :P

    @Anonymous #2: Good luck with the exame! And thank you :)