Saturday, 28 May 2011


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It would have been nice to have a clean sweep of 6/6 exams being nice, but sadly it didn't happen. Yesterday's Molecular Clinical Microbiology exam was a pretty rubbish experience. I'm far too hungover right now to pretend I'm anything other than annoyed and pissed off about it. The problem was having Human Genetics and Genomics on Thursday, and Molecular Microbiology 24 hours later on Friday....there just wasn't enough time to prepare properly. The questions I wanted DID come up, but sadly the lack of preparation meant that by the time I reached Q7, I knew virtually nothing and could only muster three sides of A4 (usually I write at least five or six for a good essay).

Q2) Describe the basic principles behind PCR. Compare and contrast PCR and Real Time PCR.

Q5) Compare and contrast the different mechanisms of immune evasion and cellular invasion used by the causative agents of Leishmaniasis and Chagas' Disease.

Q7) Describe the biology of Human African Trypanosomiasis.

Pity really as I'd written an excellent set of notes with the answers to all of these questions, complete with extra reading and references, the problem was the lack of time to properly revise these notes! Q2 was definitely the best one, in fact it was rather good and I covered the points I wanted to make. Q5 was average at best, I felt like I was clutching at straws some of the time, and Q7 was pretty bad. Quite a lot of the class found the exam to be difficult, so I'm guessing everyone was feeling the pressure. I just hope that I got good marks for my other tests so that they can make up for this one.

Anyway that concludes BSc Biomedical Sciences. Now 20 days til results.


  1. dude, dont worry. if my theory is correct, you will do better on the exams you find difficult than the ones you find easy. Also, fewer a4 sides to read will make the examiner happy :D

    congrats on completing your BSc. Only the Msc and then the MBBS :D btw, if u do get the 2i for this BSc, consider taking a gap year (i.e., volunteering, travelling)...i found that it helped my application for Medicine. good luck .

  2. you've done really well. after my final year of biomed I could only answer maybe 3 of the questions you have posted so far. OK, so I did a whole course on Drosophila so 16% of my whole degree mark was on the first week of a fly egg. but the rest of the stuff was in our syllabus. You will have a good foundation for preclinical medicine so good luck!

  3. Thank you to you both :) I don't think I've done as well as either of you say, or at least not well enough, but thanks all the same!