Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pre-exam advice

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So...what to do the day/night before your first exam of final year?

Also have a packet of Fizzers. Oh happy, stress-free childhood, where have you gone?

I've reached the stage where nervousness won't allow me to sleep, so I spend the time lying in bed, in the dark, reciting my notes out loud, from memory. Please, please, please let Friday's tomorrow's Cellular Pathology & Haematology exam be nice. Please, please, please let acute inflammation, cellular injury and haematopoiesis come up. Please, please, please don't let thrombophilia, cervical cancer or haemostasis come up. I actually have no idea who these requests are aimed at.

Now for bed. (And by bed, I mean lying awake, talking to myself about chronic inflammation and metastasis).


  1. Good luck mate!

  2. Good Luck!!!

  3. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! Good Luck, good luck, good luck :) Though I'm sure you don't need it. I have every confidence you will ace these exams. That is what you tell yourself in order to sleep. (If you say it often enough, you may even start to believe it). You know your stuff, what you don't know, you don't know and doesn't matter. Best of luck, will be thinking of you and sending good sciency, calming thoughts your way.

  4. Thank you all for the kind words and wishes :)

    ILHC: Long time no see! How are things??