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Cancer Biology was something I felt quite unprepared for. On the plus side, I had 83% for the coursework, which is worth 30% of the total module. On the downside, the coursework (an essay and presentation) was so time consuming that I barely had time to make any decent notes during last term. And with three exams before this I really only got round to making notes for it a week ago.

The exam was okay. I don't think it went spectactularly, but I don't think it went badly either. It was just okay. For once in my life the MCQ question went well (if I've calculated correctly I should get 19/25 minimum for that section). This was our only third year exam which had an MCQ section, so subsequently we had to answer only two essay questions, not three. Which was very good since I don't feel I could have written much of a decent answer for the others. So here are the questions:

2) Describe the processes of DNA damage and explain how malfunctioning DNA repair can cause cancer.

6) Describe metastasis and explain its importance in cancer.

Hmm. I made a plan including the bulk i.e. 90% of what was in my notes and wrote what I felt was a decent answer. But when I did my exam post-mortem this evening I realised that for question 2 I'd left out quite a few of the nitty-gritty little details relating to different forms of DNA damage. Question 6 was much better, though on the whole I felt last week's endocrinology exam, even though it was more challenging and difficult with a lot more content to remember, went better. That said, if I've calculated correctly with 83% in the coursework, I need 52% in the exam to get a 2:1 for this module...and I think (unless I've seriously misjudged), it went well enough for me to reach that target. I hope. Especially if I've done as well in the MCQs as I think.

On the whole I must say that none of my exams have felt as bad as last year's, they've all felt much better. I can only hope that means better grades.

Starting at midnight tonight, I have the most intense 66 hours of my life...two exams in three days, then freedom.

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