Thursday, 26 May 2011


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Just got back from the Human Genetics and Genomics exam. Human Genetics revision = very interesting and straight-forward. Genomics revision = deeply boring. But I gritted my teeth and got on with it. Again, being short of time I wasn't able to revise everything I wanted, but I revised Trimethylaminuria and pharmacogenetics for the Human Genetics section very well. So well in fact that I didn't leave much time to revise Genomics. This was not helped by the aforementioned fact that Genomics is deeply, deeply boring, and the lectures are, er, somewhat light on content. I can only hope my frantic textbook scavenging and Wikipedia-ing of transposable elements will pay off. Sadly the effects of the past few weeks are getting to me and I'm a little sleep deprived, so I can't remember the exact phrasing of the questions, but here goes:

1) Flavin containing monoxygenases and TMAU. Essentially describe and discuss.

2) Pharmacogenomics will revolutionise modern medicine. Discuss.

6) Define an autonomous transposable element. Compare and contrast the P element of Drosophila melanogaster and the L1 element in humans.

Question 6 is the Genomics question. For the uninitiated, D melanogaster = a fruitfly. See what I mean about deeply boring? Well I tried my best for it, but this week was always going to be intense (three exams in five days), so I didn't revise Genomics as well as I wanted to...but on the whole I feel like I've done alright, especially in the first two questions which I'd revised a lot, done past papers on, etc. I'm worried Q6 might drag me down, though my exam post-mortem revealed no disasters or slip-ups. Which I can only hope means a decent mark. Please.

Anyway, one more to go.


  1. ONE MORE TO GO! WOOP WOOP~! and thats the end of Biomed! ^.^ GOOD LUCK!!

    Not sure if i missed the post, but did you decide on what's next? Going for the masters?

  2. @Tofu:

    Thank you, and I'm not sure about it all atm tbh. Things will be a lot clearer after results day (17th June), so expect a post soon afterwards!