Friday, 1 April 2011

The Biomedical Sciences Oscars

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With the end of Week 12 of Semester B, I can now say I've completed all my labs, finished my classes and am now six exams away from being Grumpy Biomed BSc.

The exam timetable was given out earlier this week and this is how it looks:

May 6th - Cellular Pathology and Haematology
May 9th - PBL
May 19th - Endocrine Physiology
May 24th - Cancer Biology
May 26th - Human Genetics and Genomics
May 27th - Molecular Microbiology

Hmm. My initial reaction was "thank god there's a ten day break before Endocrine Physiology"...the amount of reading and revision required for that module does not seem possible. It's a bit of a shame that the final three exams are crammed in four days, but at least I can say that most of my exams start in late May which gives me a good six weeks (from today) to revise.

Things to do this year for revision: Make a decent revision plan. Don't cram. Don't revise your favourite subjects first, do a little of several subjects each day. Sleep. Do not pull 20 hour shifts in the library.

I suppose it's not quite the end yet, so I'll make my deep (and very sentimental) post about my time at QMUL some time in June, but for now I'll simply reflect on the academic side of without further ado dear readers, I present to you Grumpy Biomed's degree in, er, Oscar format:

The Hall of Fame

The Award for Best Module: Nutrition and Metabolism (second year)

The Module with the Coolest Lecturer: Biomedical Physiology (first year)

The Most Fun Module: Cancer Biology (third year)

The Most Useful Module: Biomedical Pharmacology (second year)

The Richard Branson Award for the Module Taught by the Prof with the Coolest Beard: The Microbial World and Humans (first year)

The Nice 'n' Laid Back Module Award: Chromosomes and Gene Functions (first year)

The Mayfair Award for the Plushest Building: Whitechapel Library, Whitechapel Campus

Honourable Mention: Clinical Microbiology (second year)

And now for the Razzies...

The Labs You Never Want To Do When Hungover Award : Cellular Pathology and Haematology (third year)

The Yawn Award for the Most Boring Module: Tissue Biology (first year)

The Appendix Award for the Most Pointless Module Ever: Techniques in Biomedical Sciences (second year)

The Cheerio Award for the Least Missed Module: Human Molecular Biology (second year)

The "Is This a Pisstake Module?" Award: Essential Skills for Biologists (first year)

The Samaritans Award for the Module Which Most Made Me Want To Kill Myself: The Human Cell (first year)

The Ghetto Award for the Most Decrepit Building: Fogg Building, Mile End Campus (NB: prior to 2011 renovation - now it's very nice!)

Honourable Mention: Endocrine Physiology (third year)

After taking a well deserved lie in tomorrow morning, I will be starting revision. This time it really is the beginning of the end.