Monday, 21 March 2011

Postgrad stuff

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So I sent off two (well technically three applications about six weeks ago) and last week I got replies from both institutions within about two days of eachother.

MSc Allergy - University of Southampton (formerly first choice) - Offer - 2:2
MSc Allergy - Imperial College London (third choice) - Rejected

I was expecting to be quite disappointed/grumpy about the rejection but I wasn't. Whilst the university has a much more prestigious rep than Southampton, the course is two years long and part time which would make it very expensive. By rejecting me (and not I them) I feel less pressurised to automatically go for the more "prestigious" option, had I been given an offer.

Plus I'm still being considered for the one year full time MSc in Immunology as a second preference. But why, you may ask, is Southampton no longer my first choice? A few weeks ago I was reflecting on BSc Biomedical Sciences, what I like, dislike and so on. And whilst I do really like immunology, I also love learning about infectious diseases and microbiology. Whilst I know immunology and allergy courses will have some microbiology content, realistically it won't be much. That's when I found UCL's MSc in Infection and Immunity which I applied for immediately. It seems to be a really decent mix of immunology and microbiology, my two favourite subjects. It's at a great university, it's full time and a year long meaning I can still apply for medicine this September for 2012 entry.

I also applied for Barts and the London's MSc in Clinical Microbiology, but on the whole I'm leaning towards UCL simply because I don't want to lose immunology either and UCL's seems to be the only course with both microbiology and immunology. I really hope they give me an offer!


  1. Good luck with the post-grad apps grumps, but how comes you're going for the post-grad MSc route? it's so expensive :(

  2. Tofu!

    Long time no talk! How are things?

    For several reasons:

    I'm a workaholic. Genuinely. I cannot see myself giving up studying for a year and getting a job.

    MScs look good on FY applications (if I ever do become a med student).

    I need to do something in case I don't get into medicine 2012...PhD is something I'm considering. An MSc will help achieve this.

    PhDs and medical school are funded by studentships or loans right? So I guess the extra expense will be for next year only.

    I won't deny it, it's definitely the long way round but I don't like the alternatives...

  3. Ahhhhhhh grumpy, I'm good thanks, currently sitting in a lecture and checking out the blogs ^.^ sorry for the slow reply, didnt get notification that you replied!

    A bit random, but yesterday we did a questionnaire, barts may be thinking of bringing in a iMSc for their graduate students!!! (so apply to barts! ^.^)

    I know how you feel, I did the exact same thing... I even went to PHd interviews in my gap year and had to lie about why I was working as a HCA ... you do have good reasons.. and regardless to which route you take I'm sure your determination will pay off! ^^