Monday, 28 March 2011

Postgrad stuff II

I'm pleasantly surprised, in less than two weeks Barts and the London reviewed my application to study a MSc in Clinical Microbiology and made me an offer...Southampton took over 6 weeks (as did Imperial to reject me).

So I have one more offer, and it's at a great medical school which I am already familiar with. Having been sent the course handbook it looks very interesting with a good mix of bacteriology, virology and immunology...there's just one problem: even with the £1000 discount for being a continuing QMUL student, the course fees are £8600! Seriously!

Whilst I'd love to stay at QMUL for one more year, I see no reason why I should pay so much more. A MSc in Medical Parasitology at the London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine costs £5300 whilst UCL's Infection and Immunity MSc costs £5,750. Imperial's MSc in Immunology (which I'm being considered for as a second preference) is the cheapest of the lot at £4200!

So...unless there's some secret bursary that I'm as yet unaware of, whilst Bart's and the London's MSc looks very nice, the cost is very off putting...I can do an MSc at just as good an institution for nearly half the price :( Still waiting for UCL though, so fingers crossed!

Also, no word on exam timetables as yet. They should be given out by the end of the week, so expect another post in a few days.

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