Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Time Flies

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It doesn't feel like 7 weeks ago that I wrote my previous post...time is flying by so quickly. The weeks literally seem to be slipping away in large dollops, I start the week on Monday morning feeling it will take forever for the weekend to arrive and before I know it, it's Friday afternoon and lectures are over and yet another week is done with, bringing me ever closer to week 12, the final week of term, the final week of third year, the final week of my degree.

Already lecturers have started discussing exams, a topic which I am trying not to think about since everytime I do I feel vaguely nauseous. There are no replays this time, this is my only chance to finish on a high note. That's why now I think about it, nearly every evening is spent making notes or catching up with work, so that come April I can revise easily. I'm trying to be more organised and efficient this year so that exams aren't such a gruelling experience.

In terms of grades there's not much to say, my lecturers are quite behind on marking and I'm still waiting for quite a few pieces of coursework to be returned, though most of my marks this year have been As and Bs with the odd C, so I'm trying to keep the momentum going. On the whole however, I feel less resentful towards my work, especially compared to a few months ago when I found it desparately dull. Nowadays I view it as a challenge, a final chance to do well, rather than a boring chore that needs to be done. I hope this more positive attitude reflects itself in better exam results in May!

I did apply for several MSc programmes, in Immunology and Allergy at Imperial and Southampton respectively though so far I've had no word back from any of them. On the whole however I'm leaning towards Southampton, assuming I get an offer. Imperial's course is two years but Southampton's is one which means I can do medicine quicker.

At the moment there's not really much to blog about but I'm sure over the coming weeks as the end of term approaches, I'll post more. Cheers!

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