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Hey everyone

Long time no post. The main reason for this is that there hasn't been much to talk about. Third year has been pretty self reliant so far, without much contact with SBCS or staff. I haven't seen my adviser since the first week of term in September and I've had no labs either, just a few bioinformatics sessions. So in short, there hasn't been much to grumble about. Also, very few coursework marks have been handed back so I can't even update you on that, though I'm guessing there'll be a large influx of results come the first week of Semester B. a year. I'm not going to get into my personal life on here, but it was like my academic life, a bit of a rollercoaster. I started this blog nearly a year ago, halfway through second year, perhaps a bit lost but determined to make the effort I hadn't made in first year. I finished the academic year with very good coursework marks, but stressed myself out too much before the exams, doing insane hours of revision but without good strategy and ended up disappointed. I returned to uni after the Summer unsure about the future, though in the last few weeks of 2010 my desire to do medicine was strengthened by a series of epiphanies which make me confident that I could never be truly happy doing anything else. In this way I ended the term determined not to lose hope and to attain that goal.

I won't lie, the last week of term was pretty gruelling, involving three coursework deadlines and a PBL exam, which was okay I think. I spent the first week of the holidays just recovering from Semester A...sleeping a lot...going out...etc...though since then I've started seriously catching up with all the lectures I neglected during term (staying on top of lecture notes and coursework is a very fine balancing act).

The other big thing on my mind has been thinking of what on earth I'll be doing during the 2011/2012 academic year. Having viewed my classmates with a mixture of melancholy and envy sending off their UCAS applications and in some cases getting interviews, I desperately want to join them, so I want to pick a MSc I'll be interested in and I'll enjoy, and that I can hopefully do well in. The most promising candidate so far has been the MSc in Allergy at Imperial College, which I have been interested in for many months now. The problem with this course is that it's only available as a part time two year course, which means having to delay applying for medicine by another year and also having to pay for an extra year's living costs. Which wouldn't be a problem if I could get a job to pay my way, but unfortunately that's not something you can bank on or plan for nine months in advance. I'll also apply to the same course at Southampton (but I really don't want to leave London), and the plain old MSc Immunology at Imperial. What attracts me to Imperial's Allergy MSc though is that it isn't lab based, so I really really hope I get an offer!

As for year exams, graduation and a farewell to QMUL and university friends seems a lot closer from this side of the holidays. Next term I'll be studying Cancer Biology and Cellular Pathology & Blood Science, two modules, which take place on Thursdays and Fridays, meaning that I'll have more free time in the week for private study, so hopefully I won't fall behind too much. I'll also be starting my dissertation.

I don't ask for much...only a 2:1...I hope 2011 brings it!

Hope you're all well and happy new year to you all.

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  1. Hey Grumpy!

    If you hadn't seen, I am doing an intercalated degree at Imperial at the moment in immunology. Drop me a line if you want any information / to be shown around / a good word to be put in with the course directors!