Sunday, 21 November 2010

Getting on

Currently listening to: There She Goes - The La's

Hmm, haven't updated in a while, but that's cause not much is really going on. Reading week came and went...all courseworks were completed, handed in and classes have resumed. One thing I've noticed is how quickly time's passing, the ninth week (of twelve) is about to start, it feels like it ought to only be the fourth week though. And of course, it's only the middle of November and someone on the Tube was listening to "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" which made me cringe a bit...(sorry, had to slip in a grumble).

The first few coursework marks have also started trickling in:

Human Genetics exam 1 - A
Human Genetics coursework 1 - B
PBL exam 1 - F

There was a time that I would have descended into a depression spiral about that last result, though maybe I've mellowed with age, maybe I'm becoming a better adjusted person, or maybe I'm just turning totally indifferent but for whatever reason I'm not in a mood about it. Reason for that dismal result? Lack of revision due to lots of work due in the same week, and exam nerves. Not a particularly inspiring excuse, I know. However, there are six PBL exams during the year, the top five of which count towards the final mark. So without wanting to sound complacent, I'm willing to write this one off, and learn from the experience...a test run as it were.

What's coming up? Well I have an essay, another piece of coursework and PBL exam 2, all to be done by the end of week's going to be a busy week, but I think it should be manageable. And this time I will revise solidly for the second PBL exam.

Gosh, this post sounds really quite un-grumpy...even sensible and emotional tantrums at all...what is wrong with me?

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Reading week

The Grumpy Biomed has reached the halfway point of Semester A and is feeling rather more hopeful. On the outset I ought to be terrified since there's more coursework to complete than you can shake a stick at, including what looks like a pretty nasty endocrinology assignment but on the other hand there aren't 9 AM starts, boring lectures or workshops to contend with. Always look on the bright side and all that...

All in all I've behaved myself so far. That's not saying much seeing as it's only been one day but I didn't wake up with a hangover today, instead I managed to start and finish one of my coursework assignments with minimal procrastination leading to a vague (and unfamiliar) feeling of productivity. Yay for productivity. Yay, yay, yay. On the whole I'm in a pretty good mood, and certainly in a better one than my last post (though given my bipolar disposition, it's bound to change soon).

Have a great weekend.