Friday, 10 September 2010

Back in E1

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I can't describe how awesome it is to be living in London again. After three months of being on holiday, I was bored stiff, so I was really happy when I finally moved back to London yesterday. So happy that I chose to go out in the evening rather than buy groceries, hence why I have nothing in my fridge!

Anyway, this post is just to let you know that normal service (i.e. lots of moaning and grumbling) will shortly be resumed. Classes begin at the end of the month, and the timetable has already been released...this semester I will be taking Human Genetics, Endocrine Physiology and Molecular Clinical Microbiology, in addition to my Project Skills coursework module. Two 9 AM starts which is a bit annoying, but oh well, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, eh?

I'll be striving for the all important 2:1, and as my adviser keeps telling me, she knows plenty of students with far worse grades than mine who managed to get a 2:1 or even a 1st just because of the fact that 3rd year is worth 60% of the entire degree, hence there's still everything to play for. I am looking forward to the challenge. Amongst other things, Imperial College do an awesome MSc in Immunology, and I fit the entry requirements perfectly (2:2 or above). The plan is to finish my degree with a 2:1, then spend next year studying a masters course whilst applying for medicine. This is by far the most interesting masters course I've found so far, at a great university and with decent entry requirements.


  1. Yo,

    Nice blog ! Coming down to QMUL for B990 next week.. sent ya an email by you never replied :( might bump into you ?

  2. Hey buddy, sorry about that, I have replied to your email :)

  3. Hi, nice to see you back and happier. Don't know if you've been following the debate about finance, but if you end up on a 5 year course you won't get any funding if you have an MSc... A med course counts as a level 7 which is Master's equivalent, and you can get full funding (Fee loan and maintenance loan and grant) if the degree level you hold is lower than the course you are about to start (Your BSc being a Level 6 and therefore lower than the med at Level 7). 4 year isn't so bad because I don't think you get Student Finance funding for that anyway but you only have to pay for year 1 because the Department of Health pay the rest.

  4. I was under the impression that for 5 year courses you only get a bursary for the final year that right? So does that mean with a MSc you'd miss out on that, and pay £3200~ *every* year?

    Thanks, it's good to be back :)

  5. No, you'd get the NHS bursery in the final year regardless, but you'd get a student finance loan to cover fees for the other four years, as long as you don't have an MSc. So: BSc and you'd have all fees covered, MSc and you have to fund the first four years. And my pots died. They were a cheapy set from Argos and every term they ended up with holes burnt all the way through the bottom and I got fed up of taking them back under warrenty.

  6. heya grumpy, just came back and realised you have a new post! welcome back to London!!

    i was in a similar-ish position when i applied for medicine and didnt get an offers, I was tempted to take my msc offer, but eventually weighing out the pros and cons i decided to apply and work as a HCA instead, and that was perhaps my most eye-opening piece of "work experience"

    im not advocating that doing the whole hca gap-year thing is the way to go, but it definately is an option you can consider too ^^

  7. @ilovehotchocolate - Well I guess we'll have to see then, that's quite disconcerting, since I'm not very rich...perhaps I'll just take a gap year and become an HCA or something. Ahh well, I have nine months to think about it :P

    @Tofu - Welcome back to you too! As I said to the lovely ILHC, being an HCA is definitely an option too! Out of interest, what/where was your MSc going to be?

    Cheers to both of you for your advice!

  8. Grumpy - glad to see you posting again and good luck with this coming year. I am currently doing immunology at Imperial as an intercalated year, so a BSc, and I can give you lots of advice and so on about the course if you are interested (lots of cross over with the MSC). All VERY positive.