Thursday, 17 June 2010


Knowledge can be a horrible thing. In primary school they told us that Adam and Eve were the first to realise this (had they actually existed that is), and like so many others I too have realised that knowledge is a lot harder to swallow than the ignorant bliss in which I have existed for the past three weeks, completely unaware of what my results would be.

I got a 2:2. Again. Same as first year. For the life of me I am confused as to how this could happen given that, without wanting to brag, my coursework marks this year have been very good. I can hand on heart say that I worked hard this year and did not doss around. This leads me to logically conclude that my problem is not aptitude (i.e. I am not too stupid for this course) but rather that I have a problem with exam technique. Which used to definitely be an issue during A levels but I thought I'd left that behind when I came to university. Apparently not. Whatever the reason I need to figure how to improve my exam technique.

In terms of medicine, I have taken the decision not to apply for 2011 entry. My adviser has refused to predict me a 2:1 so therefore making an application will only lead to unneeded stress and false hope. Third year is worth 60% of the entire BSc, so should I pull myself up to a 2:1, I would consider applying for medicine then. Though I will be honest with you, after today's results I do not feel like studying medicine will be an achievable goal, not now anyway.

For 2011 entry I shall be applying for the MSc in Allergy at Southampton and the course organiser has confirmed they would take me with a 2:2. And I really did enjoy studying allergy and hypersensitivity this year.

In terms of this blog, I am not sure of its future. I briefly considered dropping out of the course altogether, though I have invested too much time (and money) in this course to just drop it, especially when I'm quite close to graduating. I'd rather graduate with a 2:2 than nothing. Most likely it will be back in September filled with moans and groans about life as a biomed, though if anyone is expecting details of experiences with medical school interviews or whatever, don't hold your breath, it's not happening.

I do hope one day to become a medical student, though for the time being that wish has taken a back seat. And for the first time in years I feel of the stress and uncertainty...the feeling of "Will I make it?! Won't I make it?!"...I now know that there is no chance of me gaining a place in 2011 so I feel I can finally concentrate on my degree without being continually worried about my chances of getting a medical offer. It's not that I'm happy about not applying for medicine...but it is a weight off my mind.

I would however like to say a big thank you to everyone who's read and commented since the beginning of the year when the blog was founded, you've all been really supportive and the advice and help given has really been great. Cheers :)

My best wishes and kindest thoughts to you all


  1. just want to say congrats on getting ur results, been glancing at ur blog now and again, even posted comments on here saying how u need to be more grump ;) but I am sure u will get into medicine sooner or later, ur pretty determined and that is what you need. take care, Roosh

  2. Maybe knowledge CAN be a horrible thing: the original sin was anal intercourse. Oh yes, I am serious. Very serious. For the exegesis, google "Robert Hagedorn's Blogs" and read. You won't like what you read. So...there must be something wrong with the exegesis. Here's the challenge to us all: what's wrong with this very offensive exegesis?

  3. Poo grumpy :( However.... hello? Why are you giving up? I'm going to Peninsula on a 2.ii! Gamsat, St George's, Nottingham, Peninsula (poss Swansea?) all accept 2.ii's - there's still hope! Seriously though, a 2.ii is not the end of the world. I was quite lucky I think because my grades slowly slipped from a 1, 2.i to a 2.ii finally at 57%. You should be able to get your exam transcripts back if you see your tutor. Then we were told we needed more paper references in our exam answers, to the extent that we shouldn't be using textbooks in third year, and that if we did past papers and handed them in they would be marked for us and we'd get feedback. If you tell your tutor why you need a 2.i prediction and explain how you're going to change your study technique to commit yourself to pulling up your grade, he may predict you a 2.i, it doesn't hurt him any to do so, even if it ends up wrong (which it won't, I have faith in you). So by all means mope for a few days, apply for the MSc as a backup, but please don't give up on med until you've exhausted everything. GAMSAT is sat in September, you've got the Summer to revise, go for it.... x

  4. Grumpy, don't give up just yet, one year can change a lot of things, and with it being 60% weighted, your chances for the 2.1 are still there. Plus like ilikehotchocolate mentioned, there are always alternative routes. Dont let it get you down! Keep working and keep the dream alive!

  5. Keep your head up - and I like hotchocolate's answer. Were you predicted a 2.ii HC? Good luck with the masters should you go for that, but keep your eyes on the prize, you would make a great doctor from what I read into your blogs, and why let that get lost!

    Keep us in touch

  6. Yeah, but while several places will take you with a 2:2, do you want to bother with the application? Or spend a year working on your application to make it as good as possible?

    The reason you got 2:2 might be that you got 59.5% or something. Do you know your exact marks yet? Because if you got 59%, then 61% next year will get you a 2:1, and 75% will get you a first!

  7. Thank you very much to all of you for your kind words :) I have taken your advice on board :D