Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Final thoughts

This time tomorrow I'll know. My adviser is available from 12-2 for people in our tutor group to drop in and collect their results. In addition to this, tomorrow morning there will be a meeting about applying to Barts and the London for medicine...

"There will be a meeting on Thursday 17th June at 10.30-11 am in Francis Bancroft 2.40 lecture theatre to brief you on the new procedures for applying to Barts Medical School for 2011 entry. I have asked for a member of the Barts admissions team to be in attendance to give the talk and answer questions.

It will be in your interest to attend this meeting.

Kelvin Smith"

Which should be interesting. Back in the day they told us that there were 30 places available at Barts and the London for QMUL Biomedical Science graduates, though recently SBCS has been ominously quiet about this which leads me to think that the "new procedures" probably mean that it will be tougher to get in and that QMUL biomeds shouldn't expect any special treatment.

As for final thoughts on results, I don't have enough bravado to predict my grades, but I will say that next year not only should I work harder, but also more efficiently. The endless coursework assignments tend to get in the way of maintaining a decent set of notes for each module, but it's really, really important that next year I manage to get this balance right. In short, I think my target of getting eight Bs or above will not be met tomorrow. Other than that I only pray that I managed to salvage a 2:1 average.

À demain...

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  1. GOOD LUCK GRUMPY!!!! :D fingers crossed for you.