Monday, 17 May 2010

Practical uses of centrifugation?

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Let's keep today's post simple, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's how I'm feeling about Techniques cramming revision:

As for practical uses of centrifugation (one of the objectives on the syllabus I'm working through), here are my thoughts:

  1. Used to bore students senseless
  2. Used to drive students to the brink of suicide
  3. Used to drive students to the brink of commiting murder against professors and all academics
  4. Used to remind students that they ought to have studied harder during A levels so they could be at med school and not faffing about with this crap.
  5. Occasionally used to separate biomedical particles according to their density

An answer worthy of a first? What do you think?


  1. Lol, too true, too true. I used to give all my samples a quick zizz to mix them when I was doing my diss project work. The samples were so small I had to make sure they were all at the bottom of the tube else the reactants wouldn't come into contact. It was dull as. Pippette, squirt, zizz, pippette, squirt, zizz, wait 10 mins, pippette squirt zizz..... -.- and then apparently I have extracted the mRNA, clever bean that I am. :p Good luck!

  2. Oh so long winded and oh so boring. Please let me get into med school so I never have to do this crap again :P

  3. It was indeed. I was in a tiny room, just about big enough to stand up in beside the clean ventialtion box, and maybe 3 paces long. I spent hours in this bloomin room, sterilising everything before and after usage. Though I did have a little chuckle when a ladybird flew past me - in my sterile, air filtered, nothing-to-be-touched-by-a-living-thing-else-all-the-samples-are-contaminated room. Luckily, all my checks remained clean, but I did had a slight panic attack that all my samples would be buggered and I'd have to ask the people to fertilise and kill another mousey for me to get another 36 hour old blastocyst. Despite that, I did enjoy my diss research, mainly because I proved my supervisor's last ten years worth of research irrelevant :p But no, please roll on September (next September for you :) ) Do you know what your diss is on yet?

  4. Heya

    I'm not doing a dissertation per se, I'm doing the project skills module because frankly I'm a liability in the lab :P

    And yes, definitely roll on September, can't wait to send off that damned UCAS form...the beginning of the end! :D

  5. You know, some people actually like this stuff... probably not many at QM tho.

  6. I'm sure...but this is my blog, and I'm allowed to say that I find it really boring and tedious :P