Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Eight Labours of the Grumpy Biomed: Biochemistry

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It's over. Finally. After 9 months of intense studying, sleepless nights and days, anxiety, anger and nervousness, second year is officially finished.

Today's biochemistry exam was a decidedly average affair, the MCQs were good, the SAQs alright and the essay was okay but nothing special. The SAQs were about glycolysis and gluconeogenesis and I definitely messed up some of the pathway inhibitors though I think I got the metabolites and enzymes correct. The essay was about carbon dioxide transport in the blood. I wrote as much as I could with all the details I could remember and got to three pages, I hope that's enough.

I then went home and slept like a log for four hours. Having spent the past four weeks literally living in Mile End library and having slept there last night it felt nice to be back in my room for more than 20 minutes. After my nap I also felt less loathsome about everyone and the end of the day if you only sleep for an average of 3 hours a night for several weeks, eventually you begin feeling and looking like an extra from Dawn of the Dead. I am therefore very glad to say goodbye to the sleepless nights, endless energy drinks and the tedious revision that has come to sum up my life.

Anyway, results are out on the 17th, I'll update then to let you know how it goes. Depending on that I'll also be doing my UKCAT at some point as well as getting the med application together. In terms of results, if I've got a first then it's definitely proof that there's a God out there who has a soft spot for me. If I get a 2:1 then I really should thank my lucky stars. If I get a 2:2 I won't be surprised.

I can only hope that my efforts have paid off.


  1. 17th - argh i'll be away for a month from 14th june so i won't get to find out how it goes, so if i dont leave u a comment before thens, hope everything goes well! From keeping up with your posts, it seems like things went well, so fingers crossed.. and remember to apply to Barts :P

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