Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Eight Labours of the Grumpy Biomed: Physiology

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I'm feeling a bit confused and bewildered right now...possibly because of the fact that I've only been kept concious over this past week by pretty lethal amounts of Red Bull, tea, coffee and pretty much any stimulant except amphetamine. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that in the past five days, I've had about 20 hours of sleep in total...I bring whole new meanings to the term "cramming"...

The confusion and bewilderment also has a lot to do with today's exam, Biomedical Physiology II: Cardicac and Respiratory....the exam went surprisingly well. Yes, shocking! Anyone who's read any of the my previous exam reports will see that nearly all of my exams have had an area which I think will let me down, often the short answer questions in Section B. Whilst I wouldn't describe today's exam as perfect, I'd definitely describe it as challenging yet manageable, intense yet short an all round decent paper.

The MCQs went well, the SAQs were about capillary structure and function and the lymphatic system, I think I managed to get most of the points down. I think I got most of the points about the capillaries though I might have missed out some of the finer details of oedema. The essay was about the physiological response to haemhorrage, and I think I managed to get down most of the key points and the details.

Now, either I've actually done terribly and I'm in total denial, or I finally had an exam that went well! I'm thinking it's the latter however, and having done a pretty thorough exam post mortem with friends, we seemed to have all got the same points down, so hopefully I'm on the right track for a good grade.

Physiology coursework is an average of 72% (A) so that should be a great help to push me into the all important 2:1 bracket.

Anyway, it's stupid o' clock and I'm close to collapsing from exhaustion, so goodnight to you all!

Next exam: Clinical Microbiology


  1. ah that "the physiological response to haemhorrage" question, it's a pretty popular question that just seems to pop up everywhere! had a similar 5 marker in my CR ICA a few months back. Good luck with the exams, with the nice grades you've been getting, aim for a 1st!

  2. I do aim for a first and of course it would be brilliant to get one, but I'm a realist (and sometimes a pessimist :P)...whilst I usually do well at coursework, exams and revision aren't my forte.

    I think I'd be far more likely to get a 2:1 than a 1st...and a 2:1 would be great too :)