Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Eight Labours of the Grumpy Biomed: Nutrition & Metabolism

Another cold. Yes. Another one...two in a month?! I'm seriously beginning to suspect that I might have some sort of immune problem....then again it could just be all the stress I've been under lately...

All through school and my first year of university I maybe only had one cold a second year of university however I think I've had about six or seven colds, and here's the latest one which helpfully also comes at the same time as the hay fever season kicks in...double whammy.

So that's how I woke up on the day of my nutrition and metabolism exam...sore throat, headache, runny nose, general malaise and pissed off-ness. I hastily took a few paracetamols and continued cramming feverishly (literally). The exam itself was okay, the multiple choice questions were alright, didn't know much about peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha, so I had to skip that question. Section B's short answer questions weren't very short at all, in fact they were mini-essays, and yet again this section was got through simply by winging it and hoping that the examiner won't punish me too harshly for writing absolute rubbish. The Section C essay went quite well, it was about maintenance of blood glucose concentrations, and I think I managed to write a decent answer.

The worst part wasn't the exam itself, but doing it with a sore throat and felt like my throat was on fire, but I'd forgotten to bring a drink with me so I started coughing really loudly which earned me a few glares off some of the other students. The blocked nose and temperature also made it difficult to breathe and generally made me feel stupid and lethargic. The exam really could have gone either least I have an A- in the coursework.

Still, at least now I'm at the half way point, four down, four to go.

Next exam: Techniques in Biomedical Sciences.

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