Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Eight Labours of the Grumpy Biomed: Pharmacology

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Whilst the rest of the country went through a general election, resignations, various political back-stabbings, the Lib Dems prostituting themselves to the Conservatives and the commencement of the reign of the Dear Leader of Big Society David Cameron, I carried right on with pharmacology cramming revision, staying up till the early hours memorising tonnes of drug names and structures which all culminated in today's exam.

On the whole today's exam experience was much like all of the other ones...the MCQs were good, the essay was reasonably okay (about drugs affecting acetylcholine) and Section B was an absolute disaster involving lots of frantic scribbling, haphazard guessing, bullshitting and the actual making up of scientific "facts" (I'm not joking). In fact I'm too scared to even perform my usual after exam post-mortem lest I realise just how much rubbish I wrote for that section.

In short it could have gone better...I'm not expecting any firsts, still five more to go eh?

Next exam: Nutrition & Metabolism

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