Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Eight Labours of the Grumpy Biomed: Molecular Biology

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The rather pretentious title aside (I like Greek mythology, what can I say?) today was the first end of year exam, Human Molecular Biology. I think the exam went alright but I'm not cocky enough to describe it as "easy" and I'm definitely not brave enough to guess what I got. The multiple choice section was probably the toughest as it required thorough knowledge of all aspects of the course, which is quite hard to manage when you have seven other subjects to revise. The short answer questions were a mixed bag...the first question went well, I think I got most of the points about DNA denaturation and reannealing...the second question on the various parts of the nucleosome went less well, to be honest I did attempt to blag a lot of it...luckily this was worth 13 marks and question 1 was worth 20...

The essay was the final question and bizzarely this was the one I think went best, it was about describing post-transcriptional modification, I managed to get down all the necessary points about capping, polyadenylation and splicing, I just hope I went into enough detail!

At the end of the day it's all over now I guess, I should really start preparing for immunology which is on Thursday. Also luckily I have an average of 70% for the molecular biology coursework element which is worth 25% of the whole module meaning I already have 17.5% of the module under my belt...that should be a help on the way to the all important 2:1...


  1. Wonderfully good news! Good luck with getting the result - when do you find out?

  2. Thanks dude, results day is on June 17th! :O