Monday, 10 May 2010

Coursework roundup

The last few marks from Semester B's courseworks have been uploaded...I did quite well and I need to gloat :)

Clinical Microbiology (they gave the combined mark of the poster, practicals and spot test) : 72% - A
Essential Biochemistry Practical 3: 74% - A
Essential Biochemistry Practical 4: 69% - B

I never thought I would get As or Bs for the biochemistry courseworks as I still have no idea what they were on about, though luckily practicals don't come up in the end of year exams. I guess all those hours making countless graphs and tables in the library paid off!

So coursework averages for each module in second year are as follows:

Biomedical physiology II - 72% - A
Clinical microbiology - 72% - A
Human molecular biology - 70% - A
Nutrition and whole body metabolism - No mark given - A-
Basic immunology - 68% - B
Essential biochemistry for human life - 67% - B
Techniques in biomedical sciences - 65% - B
Biomedical pharmacology - 61% - B

Four As and four Bs! Much better than last year...lets hope the end of year exams follow a similar pattern!


  1. Very impressive, congrats :) Hope you have a break from revision to celebrate, even if it's only a small one (or a cake, cake's good for small celebrations :p )

  2. Thank you! Well I'm taking it a bit easier tonight, so I suppose that counts as a break :P