Friday, 2 April 2010


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Yesterday was the final day of Semester B, and as always SBCS kept our noses to the grindstone right up until the last minute. I had to hand in my poster for Clinical Microbiology (on superbugs) and then sit the end of course assessment for clinical microbiology (worth 12.5% of the module). For the uninitiated, when I say "poster" I don't mean a felt-tip job a la primary school, it was 1000 words long and needed a lot of research and preparation. In short it was quite an important day. For the test, I had to revise everything we'd covered in the five microbiology practicals. This required me to do my first ever "all nighter"...I'd stayed up late studying before of course, but I'd never spent the entire night in the library only to leave for the start of the test.

People usually advise students to avoid all-nighters as that much study coupled with lack of sleep can backfire. Luckily in my case it was well worth it, if I hadn't have done it I wouldn't have been able to answer half the questions. As it was the test went very well, though for some reason the lecture theatre was located in the basement of the Royal London Hospital. Weird. On this occassion pulling an all-nighter paid off but it's not a technique I'd like to use very often, and certainly not before the actual end of year exams which start in a month and two days (not that I'm counting).

Having done the test I then rushed off to my final Nutrition and Metabolism lecture which was nice and laidback. Perhaps too laid back, because out of sheer exhaustion I passed out and slept fitfully for two hours. I then went back home, slept some more, showered and went to Drapers (our SU) for the end of term party which resulted in a lot of money being spent on shots and not much else really. Having stumbled back home at about 3 AM I woke up today at 2PM, got out of bed in the same shakey way that Bambi took his first few steps then dragged myself to the computer where I've been since. The hangover has by and large gone away, though I still feel a bit woozy so I think it would be a little over-optimistic to expect to do any revision today. I'll start tomorrow. Well if you can't get drunk at the end of your second year, when can you?

I also have a plan, I don't know whether I'll keep it up or if it will work, but I'm planning to start a revision journal of sorts on here, if for nothing else so I can track my progress and remain motivated. I'll update once a day starting tomorrow with what topics I've covered and how far I've got, and if my ego could be suitably massaged by you wonderful readers, I would be very very grateful.


  1. Heya
    By a revision journal you mean to record when, how and what ou revised? I find the library quite sociably before exams ( I stayed till 2 and then got some sleep) for a 9 am exam the next day - everybody is quite willing to chat and go for coffee every 15 minutes

  2. The Fuddled Medic:

    Well more like saying:

    Day 1: Finished revising the urea cycle, difficulties in x area but did well in y area. Starting on the mevalonate pathway tomorrow.

    Just really short posts to keep track of work and make myself motivated :P

    And yeah, definitely, the library at 6AM is a very sociable place...quite a lot of camaraderie...I bumped into a group of biomeds I'd never spoken to properly before (there's 120 people on my course) and we formed quite a good study group, very friendly and chummy.

  3. You're either too lazy to update your revision status, or you've done no revision at all :P haha i'm sure you have, just thought i would come have a nosey.

    Good luck with your 2nd year exams - when do they start? Fear has finally hit me today..... revision begins!

  4. Tofu: Haha, I had some travel problems yesterday which meant I got to my parent's house quite late, and was absolutely knackered. Easter transport is quite terrible! Did quite a good first day's work today however.

    Exams begin on 4th May! Well done, I hope you got some good studying done :P