Sunday, 11 April 2010

Day 6

Currently listening to: Be Yourself - Audioslave

I'm back in uni this weekend, till Tuesday and a reader requested I do a bit more grumbling...I suppose I have been a bit chirpy lately, though that's not really my fault since term's ended so I no longer have the oppurtunity to moan about my lecturer's incompetence or my own abysmal lab skills or whatever. But give me enough time and I could moan about anything, so here you go. This comic basically sums up my work ethic since I started university:

I hate my messed up working pattern at university, why do I always spend the day doing sod all except for sleeping and watching TV? Started work at 8PM till 11PM, then took a break and did some more from 2AM-3AM. Topsy turvy or what? It's not that I don't do the work, as you can see I did quite a respectable number of hours, but I wish I could just get up at 9AM like normal people, work till dinner time like normal people, then have the night to myself like normal people, instead of sitting in the library in the middle of the night with fellow procrastinators/insomniacs/zombies. Any tips on how to achieve a more normal routine?

The funny thing is I actually have a pretty decent studying pattern when I'm studying in my parent's house, maybe cause they make sure I get up and go to bed on time!


  1. ah! i see we share similar tastes in comic strips.
    i've been away from the internet for a while, and had that image saved on my desktop ready for my next update, but meh, you beat me to it ^^

    Hope revision is going well, and don't be so happy with being up to date with immunology just yet.. i thought i had left that all behind when i finished 2nd year of my degree, but nope, its come back to hit me in the face as a chunky part of fun med revision >.<

  2. Thanks for shattering my hopes and dreams :P