Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day 5

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Due to reasons I can't be arsed to explain as they're very longwinded I'm taking a break from clinical microbiology and catching up with immunology this weekend. The good news is that I am up to date with nearly all my immunology lecture notes, but the coursework which was due on March 16th got in the way which meant I fell behind in the last few weeks. I should be completely up to date by Monday evening. The exams on May 6th. Clinical microbiology is very easy for me, but I really don't like immunology, which probably explains why this feels like such a chore.

Today I covered:

Immunological memory
Hepatitis B

Sadly no new marks or whatever to update on. I get that a revision diary isn't that interesting, but believe me, the pressure of not updating this thing and having you all think I'm a slacker actually makes me work pretty hard!


  1. can u be a little bit more grumpy?

  2. Piss off, I'll run my blog however I bloody like.

    How was that? ;)

  3. better :) have to be true to urself!