Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Day 3

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Good news: I got Project Skills for next year! I had been really worried about that, as SBCS had said it was a pretty competitive module with limited places, and I have only an above average mark for first year. Thank you to whoever gave me the benefit of the doubt, I promise I won't disappoint next year! Also, cheers to Joey and everyone else for their advice, it was a great help!

In terms of studying today I felt a bit headachey and generally tired...at one point I put my pen down and decided to call it a day, but my conscience eventually got to me. Imagine screwing up the exam because of something as trivial as a headache! All in all I managed to get through four lectures today, though they were pretty large ones with lots of content. I'm glad I persevered :P

Up to date on:

Hepatitis B and C
Lower and upper respiratory tract infections
Urinary tract infections
Sexually transmitted infections
Bacterial meningitis

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