Monday, 19 April 2010

Day 10

Currently listening to: Glass of Water - Coldplay

In case you've been wondering, the reason for the long gap between the entries of Days 9 and 10 on my revision journal are down to laziness and limited internet access. I most definitely haven't taken 4 days off however!

In that time I've continued to plugging away at Human Molecular Biology, such that now I'm almost completely up to date with all of its notes and paperwork. I had been dreading it, since it was a semester A module (translation: I haven't looked at anything to do with it since December), but actually it's not that bad, it's quite interesting and straightforward if you can remember which transcription factors do what!

Good news for today was getting 79% (A) in my final physiology coursework from week 10, a result I'm very pleased with, as that means my physiology coursework marks are now 75, 62 and an average of 72% (an A) for the coursework component which is worth 25% of the entire module! Very good news, especially since I think last year's physiology coursework average was in the 60s...shows there's been some definite improvement!

Small whinge: I have to get up tomorrow and trek all the way to West Smithfield library since neither Whitechapel nor Mile End libraries have Strachan's Human Molecular Genetics. Better get to sleep then.


  1. Averaging out at firsts?! Awesome!

  2. Well for the coursework I guess, haha, lets hope the exams go as well :P