Sunday, 4 April 2010

Day 1

Exactly a month to go before the first exams, and I got down to some proper studying today. Before I could start properly revising I had to make sure my notes were in order and up to date - I'd fallen behind quite a bit with note taking in the final weeks of term due to all the courseworks and end of term assessments which began to take precedence. Today I went through three clinical microbiology lectures though, since it was the first day I suppose I was a bit slower to start than usual. I think by tomorrow I can push it up to six lectures if need be, so I can be completely up to date with all microbiology notes by Wednesday (the exam's on 25th May), which would leave me a month and a half to properly revise it.

Today I did:

Viral Pathogenesis
Viral Zoonosis
Bacteraemia and Endocarditis

A good first day's work I think, but definitely not time to rest on my laurels. Bring on tomorrow!