Monday, 19 April 2010

Day 10

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In case you've been wondering, the reason for the long gap between the entries of Days 9 and 10 on my revision journal are down to laziness and limited internet access. I most definitely haven't taken 4 days off however!

In that time I've continued to plugging away at Human Molecular Biology, such that now I'm almost completely up to date with all of its notes and paperwork. I had been dreading it, since it was a semester A module (translation: I haven't looked at anything to do with it since December), but actually it's not that bad, it's quite interesting and straightforward if you can remember which transcription factors do what!

Good news for today was getting 79% (A) in my final physiology coursework from week 10, a result I'm very pleased with, as that means my physiology coursework marks are now 75, 62 and an average of 72% (an A) for the coursework component which is worth 25% of the entire module! Very good news, especially since I think last year's physiology coursework average was in the 60s...shows there's been some definite improvement!

Small whinge: I have to get up tomorrow and trek all the way to West Smithfield library since neither Whitechapel nor Mile End libraries have Strachan's Human Molecular Genetics. Better get to sleep then.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Day 9

Completely up to date with clinical microbiology! Took forever, I don't know how I'm going to cram all of these different bacteria into my head before the exam...still that's a month and a half away, not time to worry yet. Starting Human Molecular Biology tomorrow, I fell behind with the last few weeks worth of notes on that...

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Day 8

Today: I am completely up to date with Immunology! Yes! Now for that joyous occassion in 23 days time when I do the exam and I never have to care about NK cells, antibodies or the damned complement cascade ever again! Woohoo!

Tomorrow: Finishing off the remnants of clinical microbiology which I had to abandon on Friday...should take two days tops.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Day 7

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Marks news: 62% for the third Physiology write up, don't ask me why she's marked them out of order, I still don't have the marks' for the second...still, 75 and 62 so far, let's hope that the final one is within the 60/70 range.

In terms of revision, I'm now up to date with:

Cancer immunology
Mucosal immunology
Crohn's disease

Just monoclonal antibodies to do tomorrow then I'm completely up to date with immunology, I would do it right now but I'm just too sleepy...zzzzzzzz.....

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Day 6

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I'm back in uni this weekend, till Tuesday and a reader requested I do a bit more grumbling...I suppose I have been a bit chirpy lately, though that's not really my fault since term's ended so I no longer have the oppurtunity to moan about my lecturer's incompetence or my own abysmal lab skills or whatever. But give me enough time and I could moan about anything, so here you go. This comic basically sums up my work ethic since I started university:

I hate my messed up working pattern at university, why do I always spend the day doing sod all except for sleeping and watching TV? Started work at 8PM till 11PM, then took a break and did some more from 2AM-3AM. Topsy turvy or what? It's not that I don't do the work, as you can see I did quite a respectable number of hours, but I wish I could just get up at 9AM like normal people, work till dinner time like normal people, then have the night to myself like normal people, instead of sitting in the library in the middle of the night with fellow procrastinators/insomniacs/zombies. Any tips on how to achieve a more normal routine?

The funny thing is I actually have a pretty decent studying pattern when I'm studying in my parent's house, maybe cause they make sure I get up and go to bed on time!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day 5

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Due to reasons I can't be arsed to explain as they're very longwinded I'm taking a break from clinical microbiology and catching up with immunology this weekend. The good news is that I am up to date with nearly all my immunology lecture notes, but the coursework which was due on March 16th got in the way which meant I fell behind in the last few weeks. I should be completely up to date by Monday evening. The exams on May 6th. Clinical microbiology is very easy for me, but I really don't like immunology, which probably explains why this feels like such a chore.

Today I covered:

Immunological memory
Hepatitis B

Sadly no new marks or whatever to update on. I get that a revision diary isn't that interesting, but believe me, the pressure of not updating this thing and having you all think I'm a slacker actually makes me work pretty hard!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Day 4

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News: Got an A- for my Nutrition and Metabolism coursework essay, worth 20% of the module!

The general headachey and tired feeling I had on Tuesday developed into a full blown cold on Wednesday and Thursday, meaning I was out of action both those days, lying in bed with a hot drink listening to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on CD, cause I was that bored. I was meant to have been done with Clinical Microbiology today, but obviously now I'm two days behind. Bummer. Still, two days isn't much in the grand scheme of things, especially if I work doubly hard from now on...or at least that's what I'm telling myself to keep away any feelings of panic and fatalism! What an unfortunate time to fall ill, still better now than the night before the exam.

Managed to do some work today, but with the remnants of the cold hanging over me I didn't feel up to much.

Up to date on:

Viral infections in the immunocompromised host
Mycobacterial infections

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Day 3

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Good news: I got Project Skills for next year! I had been really worried about that, as SBCS had said it was a pretty competitive module with limited places, and I have only an above average mark for first year. Thank you to whoever gave me the benefit of the doubt, I promise I won't disappoint next year! Also, cheers to Joey and everyone else for their advice, it was a great help!

In terms of studying today I felt a bit headachey and generally one point I put my pen down and decided to call it a day, but my conscience eventually got to me. Imagine screwing up the exam because of something as trivial as a headache! All in all I managed to get through four lectures today, though they were pretty large ones with lots of content. I'm glad I persevered :P

Up to date on:

Hepatitis B and C
Lower and upper respiratory tract infections
Urinary tract infections
Sexually transmitted infections
Bacterial meningitis

Monday, 5 April 2010

Day 2

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Getting up to date with microbiology notes in preparation for revision continued today. After a rather late start, I finally stopped messing about on Facebook and various medical admissions forums at about 3PM and managed to go through 5 lectures (compared to yesterday's 3). So now I'm up to date on:

Viruses and cancer
Anti-virals and vaccines
Skin and soft tissue infections

A piece of good news: Finally the marks for the first physiology practical write up (from week 2, in mid January!) have been released. I got 75% aka an A! Very pleased with that, last year I didn't get any As for my physiology courseworks, let's hope this trend continues!


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Day 1

Exactly a month to go before the first exams, and I got down to some proper studying today. Before I could start properly revising I had to make sure my notes were in order and up to date - I'd fallen behind quite a bit with note taking in the final weeks of term due to all the courseworks and end of term assessments which began to take precedence. Today I went through three clinical microbiology lectures though, since it was the first day I suppose I was a bit slower to start than usual. I think by tomorrow I can push it up to six lectures if need be, so I can be completely up to date with all microbiology notes by Wednesday (the exam's on 25th May), which would leave me a month and a half to properly revise it.

Today I did:

Viral Pathogenesis
Viral Zoonosis
Bacteraemia and Endocarditis

A good first day's work I think, but definitely not time to rest on my laurels. Bring on tomorrow!

Friday, 2 April 2010


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Yesterday was the final day of Semester B, and as always SBCS kept our noses to the grindstone right up until the last minute. I had to hand in my poster for Clinical Microbiology (on superbugs) and then sit the end of course assessment for clinical microbiology (worth 12.5% of the module). For the uninitiated, when I say "poster" I don't mean a felt-tip job a la primary school, it was 1000 words long and needed a lot of research and preparation. In short it was quite an important day. For the test, I had to revise everything we'd covered in the five microbiology practicals. This required me to do my first ever "all nighter"...I'd stayed up late studying before of course, but I'd never spent the entire night in the library only to leave for the start of the test.

People usually advise students to avoid all-nighters as that much study coupled with lack of sleep can backfire. Luckily in my case it was well worth it, if I hadn't have done it I wouldn't have been able to answer half the questions. As it was the test went very well, though for some reason the lecture theatre was located in the basement of the Royal London Hospital. Weird. On this occassion pulling an all-nighter paid off but it's not a technique I'd like to use very often, and certainly not before the actual end of year exams which start in a month and two days (not that I'm counting).

Having done the test I then rushed off to my final Nutrition and Metabolism lecture which was nice and laidback. Perhaps too laid back, because out of sheer exhaustion I passed out and slept fitfully for two hours. I then went back home, slept some more, showered and went to Drapers (our SU) for the end of term party which resulted in a lot of money being spent on shots and not much else really. Having stumbled back home at about 3 AM I woke up today at 2PM, got out of bed in the same shakey way that Bambi took his first few steps then dragged myself to the computer where I've been since. The hangover has by and large gone away, though I still feel a bit woozy so I think it would be a little over-optimistic to expect to do any revision today. I'll start tomorrow. Well if you can't get drunk at the end of your second year, when can you?

I also have a plan, I don't know whether I'll keep it up or if it will work, but I'm planning to start a revision journal of sorts on here, if for nothing else so I can track my progress and remain motivated. I'll update once a day starting tomorrow with what topics I've covered and how far I've got, and if my ego could be suitably massaged by you wonderful readers, I would be very very grateful.