Monday, 15 March 2010

You know exams are around the corner when...

...the library opens 24/7. Yep, that joyous time of year has rolled round once more, here I am sat in the QMUL Mile End branch Library, and if I wanted to I could carry on sitting here from now until the 4th of June. It's the College's gentle way of reminding us that it's time to stop screwing around, and start doing some work. I know that in about roughly six weeks time, I can walk into the library at any time of day or night and see people on their sixth can of Red Bull, feverishly revising. I've been there too; last year, staying up all night to revise for my Cell Biology exam. It was...not a fun experience, and definitely not a recommended route to passing an exam. This year, I've been more serious about my work, so fingers crossed, such drastic measures won't be necessary!

The only other (more obvious) sign of the looming end of year exams is when they start handing out the exam timetables, which should be any day now. That's when it starts feeling real.

In other news, QMUL Libraries have a blog, here. Who knew? Maybe if I add them to my blog list and comment sycophantically on all their posts they'll overlook that £9 fine currently hanging over my account? Whoops...

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  1. exams are in 10 weeks time, i guess its only a few more weeks before its time for me to hit that 24 hour library too! :(