Thursday, 11 March 2010

In The Dark

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In case you're wondering why I haven't updated this blog recently with marks, updates on my progress and so on, that's cause I have none, I am totally in the dark about how I'm doing in Semester B.

As week 9 draws to an end, I have completed six pieces of coursework....but had only one mark back, that being a rather dismal 54% in the first Essential Biochemistry coursework (aka the biggest disaster ever), frankly I'm quite lucky to have got a C for it given that I still have no idea what the Beer-Lambert law is on about.

Anyway, the final year project selection form is due in tomorrow. Having spoken to an assortment of friends, parents, siblings and even lecturers, the general consensus has been "you hate practicals, you would be miserable if you did an entire six week project in the lab, do project skills". Which is true I guess, deep down I know they're right, and having spoken to all the project supervisors I had an interest in, none of their projects seem that riveting. I guess I will go for Project Skills in the end, though there's still this little doubt in the back of my mind, maybe if I tried really hard I could make the research project work...but would it be worth all the extra stress?

Will update tomorrow to let you know my final decision :)

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