Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Pharmacology Mark

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Nearly 9 weeks on from when I handed it in, I finally get the mark for my second piece of pharmacology coursework...81%, a strong A!

However, I am somewhat disappointed. Not with the above mark, of course that's fantastic, but because of my average...

1st Coursework = 72% - A
2nd Coursework = 81% - A
1st Assessment = 64% - B
2nd Assessment = 26% - F

I had a serious case of exam nerves in the second assessment, I kid you not, my mind went completely blank. Combined with sleep deprivation because of my nervousness, I right royally screwed it up. So whilst my other three marks are all excellent, that one assessment drags my average down to 61%...still a B/2:1, but it could have been so much more...still, the end of year exam is the main part, I'll make sure to revise well for it. Let that be a lesson to me to never let nerves get the better of me!

In other news, I did my fourth PBL exam went surprisingly well! Fingers crossed for a good mark.


  1. Is that the module with Robin Whelpton? Don't you think he's an amazing lecturer? Defo one of my favourites while I was at QM

    Joey :)

  2. He is an ABSOLUTE legend :D

    Apparently he had some internet/office problems, hence why we got our marks back so late.

    The first piece of coursework was marked very promptly. 10/10 guy :)

  3. Yeah he is awesome..we had some other really good lecturers on biochemistry as well, you probably would have had Janes in first year right? He used to pop up at the back of Perrin LT with his mini tests, none of which I passed lol! Ahh I miss QM!
    So I take it you'll be applying for medicine next year then? Have you thought much about 4year/5year etc?