Saturday, 16 January 2010

Second term of second year

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As I stumble through my second term of my second year of BSc Biomedical Sciences, I am visited by a strange thought. Well, two strange thoughts. Firstly, I have now passed the halfway point of my degree...from here my days at QMUL are firmly in the minority. Secondly that end of year exams look a lot closer from this side of Christmas.

I have just finished my first week back, and I have now experienced the following modules:

And as for my optional module, I picked Nutrition and Metabolism. The other choices were something about cells (which I loathe) and neurobiology (which I also loathe). I really hope nutrition will be alright.

Of this lot, the most fun so far has been Clinical Microbiology, though I don't particularly relish the fact that the classes are held in the Barbican at Bart's and the London's campus, as opposed to QMUL's Mile End campus which is literally on my doorstep. Having to wake up at 8AM then get crammed onto a packed Hammersmith and City line train isn't particularly fun.

Though even I know that deep down that's just an excuse, I'm not a wuss, I can wake up early if needs be. What really annoys me is the "so close yet so far" feeling I get when I set foot onto the Bart's and the London campus...the feeling that if I had just worked a bit harder in sixth form I might have been there as a medical student...not as a biomed who's bored numb and counting down the days till graduation.

I have felt like this very often in my degree...whether it's when I read the same textbooks that medical students do, or I have to use their library or their lecture theatres or always comes back to close, yet so far...but at the end of the day however much I may be similar to them, I'm a world apart. For now anyway.


  1. "So close and yet so far" and "i can't wait till i graduate" were probably my favourite lines during my BSc, but on a positive note, you're already half way there! ^^

  2. Yes, I suppose, but during those long hours in the microbiology lab, the light at the end of the tunnel seems an awful way off! :P

  3. Ooh a new blog. Good luck!

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for that comment :)

    I hope to update it fairly regularly, so please keep checking back!