Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Coursework marks from last term

Some marks from last term's courseworks have finally been released...only took about six weeks...which means I can now figure out my average mark for the coursework component of the following modules:

Human Molecular Biology - average 70% - A
Techniques in Biomedical Sciences - average 65% - B

Pretty chuffed with that, now just the exams to go in May :D

Pharmacology coursework marks yet to arrive...I check my student control panel about a billion times a day (seriously), but they have yet to be uploaded...we handed the coursework in on December 7th 2009...they've had about seven weeks to mark it, all the while the SBCS website amusingly declares "marked coursework should be returned, via your Adviser, within four weeks". Yeah, right.

Bah, I'm called Grumpy Biomed for a reason, I'm well aware that the lecturer probably has a million things on his mind, but it won't stop my impatience!


  1. Don't be grumpy.. it happens :(
    it was worse whilst i was at KCL, i handed in work in december, and never got my marks until exam results in july! >.<

  2. Tofu:

    That sounds horrible, at least our lecturer was kind enough to explain himself:

    Dear Student,

    ...unfortunately I have been unable to update the control panel for the following
    reasons. I have been without a telephone line for nearly a fortnight and so had no internet access from home and secondly I cannot access my computer at work because new windows are being fitted to my office.

    I'll let him off, just this once ;)

  3. Sounds like he has penty of excuses... Perhaps too many!

  4. Internal Optimist:

    At my current level of demotivation, I would willingly pay for his phone line to be repaired if it meant that I could get a shred of good news i.e. a decent pharmacology mark!